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Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling

I have a daily dog walking client who  constantly pulls on the leash.   He is approximately 50 to 60 lbs.   I’ll call him Max.  After talking to his owner, I started teaching Max how to walk on a leash in an easy, controlled manner.  While it may take a few weeks of constant training, I could tell the pup was starting to understand what I wanted from him.  By the end of our 30 minute walk, I noticed he was more in-tuned with me, in addition to his surroundings.  How could I tell?  Instead of trying to pull me every which way, he would occasionally look up at me as if to ask  “Is this what you want me to do?  Where do you want to go next?”  You may think this is strange, but this is the feeling I got every time he  looked at me.  I have been walking Max every weekday for about 2 months now – today was the most enjoyable walk we’ve had!

If you are wondering how I was  able to stop the constant pulling, it’s very simple.   Every time he pulled, I stopped and would immediately head in the opposite direction.  I must have done this at least 50 times.  The first few times I stopped and turned, Max seemed very confused.  ” Ummm…You want me to go this way?  We just came from there.  We’re going this way.”  It took a little coaxing for him to follow me, but with a light tug on the collar and a smelly, tasty treat he eventually followed.  After walking in the opposite direction for a few feet, I would turn around and continue walking.  I repeated this exercise every single time I felt him start to pull.

The tools I used for the exercise included a regular nylon collar, a 6 foot leash, small treats Max loves and lots of patience and consistency.

Patience and Consistency are the keys to this exercise.  If you want to stop your dog from pulling your arms off, you must stop every single time he or she starts to pull.  It may take some time, but being patient and consistent will pay off in the end for both you and your canine friend.


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