Hello and welcome to Fido, Fluffy and Friends  Blog.  My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of  Fido, Fluffy and Friends Pet Services in beautiful North County San Diego.    I offer professional, reliable and loving in home pet care including vacation pet sitting, daily dog walking, horse care, overnight house sitting and even pooper scooping.

My hope  is to alleviate as much stress as possible for owners who can’t always take care of their pets.  When pets can’t go with you on vacation or when your just too busy with everyday life I help by giving pets the proper attention, exercise and love they deserve.

Now I’d like to introduce you to my fur family.

I have two cats named Stormy and Misty.  Stormy is the social and playful kitty.  She will come up to anyone for a head scratch and she loves to play.  One of her favorite games is ‘Unroll the Toilet Paper.’  She loves doing this  in the middle of the night.


Stormy lounging by the window

The younger one, Misty, is a little more cautious.  She will run and hide if anyone comes to the house.  When she wants attention, however, she will let you know!  She is an extremely talkative cat.


Hiding in my drawer

And then there is Baxter the Beagle.  He is 2 years old and a handful.  If he doesn’t get two walks a day (am and pm) he can be a destructive little monster.  He loves to play tug and wrestle with his friend Oliver and of course he loves to eat!  Bully sticks and chicken are his favorites.

Baxter the Beagle

Baxter Looking Goofy

Last but not least are my two horses, Dev and Buzz.  Both are half Arabian and half  Quarter Horses (I love this cross!  You get the best of both breeds.)   They’re also half-brothers.  Dev and Buzz are currently living the good life on  8 acres of land in Northern New Mexico.  They roam around the pastures during the day and of course get their daily carrot and or apple.  They also love peppermint candies!

Dev and Buzz

Aren't they beautiful?

By the way, Dev is the Buckskin on the left and Buzz is the Palomino.

If you can’t tell, my pets are part of the family and all of them are spoiled.  Thanks for letting me share my pets with you.  Send me a comment, I’d love to hear about your own fur babies.


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